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Silica-gel supported dendritic V complexes: preparation, characterization and catalytic oxidative desulfurization


  1. 武汉工程大学
  • 收稿日期:2012-01-09 修回日期:2012-05-29 出版日期:2012-07-06 发布日期:2012-07-06
  • 通讯作者: 潘志权


  • Received:2012-01-09 Revised:2012-05-29 Online:2012-07-06 Published:2012-07-06

摘要: In this manuscript, a series of catalyst SGn-[VVO2-PAMAM-MSA] (where SG = Silica gel, PAMAM = polyaminoamine, MSA = 5-methyl salicylaldehyde, n=0, 1, 2, 3) was prepared and their structures were fully characterized by FT-IR, TGA, XPS and ICP etc. XPS revealed that the metal V and SGn-PAMAM-MSA combined more closely after the formation of Schiff base derivatives. Their catalytic activities for oxidation of dibenzothiophene were evaluated using tert-butyl hydroperoxide as oxidant. The results showed that the catalyst SG2.0-[VVO2-PAMAM-MSA] presented good catalytic activity and recycling time. Meanwhile, the optimal condition for the catalytic oxidation of SG2.0-[VVO2-PAMAM-MSA] was also investigated, which showed that when the oxidation temperature was 90 ℃, time was 60 min, the O/S was 3:1, and the content of catalyst was 1 wt%, the rate of desulfurization could reach 85.2%. Moreover, the catalyst can be recycled several times without significant decline in catalytic activity.